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Twitter Share STUCK on unwanted account

  1. Hi All,

    Every time I share with Twitter, even though I have my personal account linked, others see it as coming from my work Twitter account. That's a MASSIVE problem. So I turned off ALL Twitter sharing, and even deleted the login credentials for the work account from my iPhone. I just posted to the blog, and MANUALLY took the shortcode, logged into Twitter under the personal account, and tweeted the link. STILL coming up under the work account. It doesn't matter if I do it from the iPhone or the desktop Mac, same thing!

    Please tell me someone can solve this. I literally can't blog until this is fixed, lest I lose my job. HELP!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm flagging this for Staff attention. Hang in there.

  3. The connection is controlled by your Publicize settings.

    Please try the complete reconnect procedure detailed at

  4. DUH ... sorry I dropped that ball.

  5. I followed the procedures. It never asked me for new credentials, and the problem still persists. For the record, I have NEVER connected the @NEBAWorks twitter account with WordPress. Also, I use an iMac, a PC, and/or my iPhone. Do I need to clear the cache on ALL devices?

  6. Did you re-connect publicize with the desired Twitter account?

  7. Here is what I did.
    1) Disconnected from Twitter
    2) Deleted all cookies, cache, EVERYTHING from Safari
    3) WordPress automatically asked me to lig back in.
    4) I connected Twitter to @MacDabble - connected fine
    5) Posted test post.
    6) My friend reported it is STILL coming up as being posted by NEBA with a link to @NEBAWorks

  8. I forgot to add, when I view it on Twitter, it's posting to @MacDabble twitter feed.

  9. Sorry for multiple posts, things keep coming up...if you click the link, even though it says NEBA, it brings you to the correct post on WordPress with my name, not NEBA, as the writer. Perhaps this is a Twitter issue?

  10. Yes, I'm seeing them on @MacDabble now, not @NEBAWorks.

    And, when I share manually, they're listed as @MacDabble.

    I think you friend just needs to clear his browser's cache:

  11. I was given her twitter credentials, and logged in myself as her (on the freshly cleared cookies and cache for my server). Still coming up NEBA. I can send a screen shot somehow if you tell me how I can get that to you.

  12. Ok, that's probably just Twitter caching things then, they tend to do that.

    It should clear up in an hour or so.

  13. OK, I will wait a bit and try one last test post, and will reply with the results. Hopefully my e-mail subscribers aren't going nuts, I've posted like 5 posts of "Testing for technical difficulties" in the last 40 minutes! Haha.

    Thanks for everything so far. I'll be in touch in an hour or so. :-)

  14. You're welcome!

  15. Update: I have since logged into my work account and viewed @macdabble. I did the cookie clearing and reconnecting twitter steps again and restarted the iMac before and after for good measure. Logged in as @NEBAWorks, they are coming up as connected to @NEBAWorks, even though they are not showing up on the @NEBAWorks twitter feed.

    If this were a connection issue, that would be one thing, but I COMPLETELY disconnected from twitter, took the short code, and MANUALLY logged into @MacDabble and @whatdaddysees (my two personal twitters) and manually typed in the tweets and it's still doing it. That's where I'm freaking out. Facebook and LinkedIn all show up completely normally.

    The only thing I can think of: I am an administrator on THAT blog is linked with @NEBAWorks. Possibly something there?

  16. GAH, I'm sorry, I lied. I disconnected that sharing way back when I noticed the problem in the first place (a few days ago). It is NOT connected to @NEBAWorks at all.

  17. At I see all properly attributed.

    Is that what you're seeing?

  18. as viewed logged in as @NEBAWorks:

  19. Try viewing the media/summary

  20. Hm, this is what I see there:

    Would you please take a screenshot and upload it via Media -> Add New in your blog's Dashboard so I can take a look?

  21. On, if you click where it says by NEBA, it takes you to the page for @NEBAWorks.

  22. That is also how my friend@mrstiamaria sees it.

  23. Oh, that's caching on Twitter's end. It's going to take a bit for that clear out. It's connected to the actual blog URL, similar to what Facebook does.

    It should be fine in an hour or so, definitely by tomorrow at the latest.

  24. OK. It's been going on for a few days now. So me clearing my cookies out fixed the issue on Twitter's end? Is there anything else I need to do on the WordPress end?

    I suppose if it doesn't clear out by tomorrow afternoon, I'll let you know, but it sounds like at that point I'd need to approach Twitter support.
    Thanks again!

  25. The full reconnect should have fixed it, you just need to wait for Twitter's cache to clear.

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