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    I was just wondering if there was a Twitter shortcode or another way to put the latest tweet from my Twitter feed at the top of my blog (like this person does: )? I’m sure I could do it manually… but I’d prefer not to.


    The blog I need help with is



    The blog you are pointing to is not a free blog being free hosted by wordpress.COM. We can however use the Twitter widget on our blogs. The Twitter Widget allows you to display a Twitter feed in your blog’s sidebar. Please see here >


    I know it’s not a .COM blog.

    My layout on mine is a single column, with footer widgets. But I don’t want my Twitter feed to be buried at the very bottom of my page. I was using that lady’s site as an example of what I’d like to do.



    I’m sorry but we cannot edit templates or themes on blogs. All blogs here are using shared templates. Consequently only Staff can edit templates as every edit they make affects all blogs wearing the same theme. Perhaps hiring a wen host and setting up a free install for self hosting is the best solution for you.



    edit: “wen” wen meant to be “web”


    Hosting elsewhere is not an option for me. If I can’t do it, I can’t do it. I’ll deal.



    I’m sorry you can’t achieve what you want. You may want to read the entry I linked to above on the differences between free blogs being free hosted by and software installs for self hosting form Frequently new members don’t understand the differences between the two and the limitations. Best wishes with your blogging. :)

    P.S. I can recommend a comprehensive tutorial. The Learn tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series:

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