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Twitter stats?

  1. Can you tell me where the Twitter followers stats come from on the stats summary? I have about 6 wordpress sites and at first thought that the twitter stats represented the number of twitter followers, but these numbers don't add up. Can people "follow" a blog by using their Twitter profile?

    Also, is this a new stat? I don't remember seeing it before.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Susanne. I believe the stats appear if you publicize your blog to Twitter, and they come directly from Twitter (i.e. how many people follow you on Twitter).

  3. Thanks very much. After I posted I pretty much worked it out for myself. Sorry to bother you, thanks again for replying.

  4. This seems kind of misleading! Just because someone follows you on Twitter, doesn't mean they'll see your blog post at all, much less click on the link and actually go to the site.

  5. If I shared the blog with my Facebook page, would it give me 1300+ followers on FB, even though they don't all view my posts, click on the links, etc.???

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