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  1. robotplaysguitar

    Twitter is hot now on the net, and we wordpress user want twitter badges in our blogs!

    It seems like wordpress eats < script > tags when adding twitter code to text boxes...

  2. It's probably best if each individual blogger speaks for themselves; you don't have the authorization of anyone else to make statements like your introductory sentence.

    Yes, WordPress eats < script > tags at all times. Javascript, embed, form, and many other tags are stripped out. This is to maintain the security of blogs; as we're sharing a blogging platform, if one blog were to introduce something insecure it would affect ALL WordPress blogs, and naturally this isn't something we want. Nobody wants to see something like the time MySpace was taken down.

    A) what is Twitter? I don't think it's as hot as you say or I'd have heard of it.
    B) what does it do? It's possible there's already something in WordPress that will do what you want.
    C) when you request something, it's best to provide a link to the site or an example, so that we can find out what it is.

  3. you can add your twitter feed to an RSS widget, and it will show in your sidebar.

  4. Twitter
    is Web 2.0 friend tracking taken to the final (I hope) extreme. Tell all your friends exactly what you're doing, every minute. Considering how this will effectively slow your life down by half (do something, write what you're doing; do something else, write that down too. Etc.) I suspect this is a fun toy that people will get sick of within a year or so.

    But don't quote me on that. ;P

    @raincoaster: Most gadgety web things people want can usually be found at

  5. Yes. I'm sure many young people will claim they just have to have it. ;)

  6. I was at Odeo today and they mentioned it. But given the function, it's undoubtably heavily javascripty and thus not doable under WordPress. What ever happened to the good old days when people just used MSN Messenger, eh? These young whippersnappers...

  7. If I was to describe Twitter, I would call it "microblogging" by SMS: it lets me upload short updates direct from my phone, anywhere SMS works. You can choose to keep updates private between you and your friends, or let them appear on the "public timeline".

    I've started using Twitter, and was wondering about a Widget, but I'll try the RSS feed - that's all I was wondering about, a way to get my Twitter updates on my site.

    (5 minutes later) OK, it's done, by RSS - if you want to see how it looks, check out, the "twitterings" at the top left. That's all I wanted, no need for a Widget or JavaScript. 8)

    If you want to do this yourself, note that there are two RSS feeds: the default is just you, but if you select the "with friends" tab, the feed linked there is you plus friends (who have agreed to that).

    And no, it doesn't mean I'll be blogging every detail of my life. Just the occasional quick update from the middle of the walk to work, etc. SMS costs money, and I know it's no substitute for a properly-crafted blog entry. If it vanishes in a year... fine.

  8. Thanks for sharing this. It's very interesting. :)

  9. Twitter is awesome! ;) It's also Geeky!

    I have been using it for a few days now and it's really quite addictive. It would be a useful widget addition (yes, there's one available for wordpress) that *could* be added to if TPTB so decided.

    Scoble Twitters... ;)

  10. Scoble Twitters

    Stop the internet! Scoble is twittering! We must all do it!

    No offense intended, cornell.

  11. hehe. None taken. You noticed the winking smiley right?

    Perhaps that should be a good enough reason NOT to Twitter?


  12. @drmike & collin
    Yesterday I noted that Robert was also asking admin to introduce "gadgets" in his post. So enough of this twaddle - we should all be "twittering" and we should all have as many "gadgets" to play with as possible, right? *lol*

  13. Have you seen most of the Google Gadgets?

    I wouldn't bother!

  14. scoble.... really doesn't have a clue. it was cool when he worked at microsoft, and publicly admitted their faults. now he's just another guy with too much web2.oh cred for his own good. we don't need gadgets here.

  15. WOAH! That first part is harsh. On the other hand I heartily agree with

    we don't need gadgets here.

  16. I've been playing with Twitter lately, and tho it's nothing groundbreaking, its function as an away message is, well -- just that. To update your Twitter, you send a message to its screen name through the messaging service of your choice, so it's not a time-consuming thing at all.

    My problem with using it on my site is when I plug its RSS feed into a sidebar widget, it can take up to an hour for it to post for some reason, which pretty much negates its usefulness as a device for real-time updates.

    EDIT: Any theories about why it might lag like that? I've used RSS widgets for other feeds, and they've always refreshed fairly swiftly. Doesn't seem to make much sense that a feed that contains only a blurb of plain text would take longer.

  17. The sidebars are cached or else they pull for every single page load.

  18. Mike, so the sidebar's cache is refreshed on a timer across the board for all RSS widgets on the page?

    Or are you saying the feeds of all RSS widgets are pulled with every page load? Seems like that would be too resource intensive.

    I'm just wondering why it might take longer for one feed to update than another. Is that just in my head? Whether it has to do with what kind of data is being fetched, how long it's been since the last refresh, or perhaps whether having more widgets in your sidebar bogs down the works at all?

    Please forgive my ignorance.

  19. While you're waiting for drmike to reply this is what I know for sure. All sidebar data is cached and refreshed about every 10 minutes or so.

  20. timethief, that's what I'm a bit confused about, since I've Twittered updates that show up elsewhere immediately -- but an hour later on my blog.

    edit: for example, right now. i twittered 26 minutes ago, but no update on my blog.

  21. It's my understanding that has yet to declare support for twitter and to introduce a widget for it. Perhaps whatever you are trying is simply being negated by the programming. You can get a definitive answer from staff by sending in a feedback.

  22. timethief, that's what I'm a bit confused about, since I've Twittered updates that show up elsewhere immediately -- but an hour later on my blog.

    Would need to see what you're seeing to explain probably.

  23. I recently tried twitter to see if it is useful. I use it like IM 'status', but I don't have to have a computer booted and IM running.

    I've subscribed to the RSS feed for twitter, but it doesn't update. When I click the orange rss icon, I can see the update, but in my sidebar there is nothing.

    However, when I manually change the feed from .rss to .atom (or vice versa) the update is reflected. This isn't matter of patience and waiting 10 minutes or so, but actually updating.

    I'm not too tech savvy, but if I can answer further questions about my issue, let me know.

  24. RSS feeds are normally cached else they would be repolling on every page load. That's probably what you're hitting.

  25. This reply is my vote for Twitter badge support in

  26. As staff are already using Twitter I wouldn't be surprised if we will soon be getting some news to the effect that this feature is under consideration. Please send in a feedback on Monday. :)

  27. I'd like tp see Twitter badge support as well. I'm sure it could be set as a specific sidebar widget as has been done for Flickr etc etc

  28. considering the number of top posts about twitter since SxSW, i can't imagine it'll be long before we have some sort of official support.

  29. Scoble talks about it again today.

  30. @drmike
    Here it comes ... there it goes ... here comes the big twitter breakdown.
    Wanna bet that twitter is overloaded with all those groupies, who have chatter about every minute of their lives with their friends?

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