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    Can you please, please, please create something understandable and simple for someone who wants to once again have a twitter widget on his blog?

    I have never read something so utterly confusing, complicated and convoluted as your crazy directions for a Twitter Timeline Widget.
    It should not take two hours of time to make one up. It’s 2013 ! These instructions look like something those torturous 1999 websites that long ago disappeared.

    It should be simple to add a Twitter feed to one’s blog. It should not require a PhD from M.I.T. to create one.

    The blog I need help with is



    There are two Twitter widgets; just use the old fashioned one that only needs your account URL.


    The original widget no longer works and has a warning on top saying that WP advises using the Twitter Timeline Widget.



    Hmm, good thing I never look at warnings. Mine’s still working.


    Old fashioned twitter widget installed with my twitter “url”:

    1. Am I missing something?
    1a. If I am missing or put the url incorrectly what is the exact address needed?
    2. Why is it not appearing on my blog?






    Hey Buddy,

    Please go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets -> Twitter Timeline -> Drag and drop wherever you want (side bar/ footer)

    Then expand the widget.

    You will get a description saying “You need to create a widget at, and then enter your widget id (the long number found in the URL of your widget’s config page) in the field “

    Click on the URL and this will take you to widget page. Sign in to and follow the steps which it says.

    While adding widget please make note of the ID which will be a long number.

    if you do not know how to find ID just go back to that widget in Dashboard and hover your mouse near Widget ID . A small questionmark will be there. Click and they will help you to fetch ID

    Once the ID is fetched you can paste it in Widget ID section. Other things like Header Footer, color scheme etc is left to you.

    Click save. That’s it. Your twitter updates shall be visible.




    Twitter Timeline Widget for for Dummies (no disrespect intended!):

    Step 1: Create widget on twitter under Settings>Widgets. Make sure to save it.

    Step 2: After creating the widget on twitter, copy the long string of numbers from your browser’s address bar. That’s your widget ID.

    Step 3: In your widget dashboard, drag and drop the Twitter Timeline Widget to the sidebar where you want it to appear. Open the widget.

    Step 4: Paste the long string of numbers you copied on the Widget ID line. All the other settings are frosting. Save your widget.

    Step 5: Wait for twitter to catch up. It’s not instantaneous the first time.



    Thank you. I have not tried it yet, but your clear explanation, thoughtfulness and thoroughness is very appreciated.


    Wow. JustJennifer.
    Works perfectly!

    Thank you again!


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