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    Hi, I am stuck when i get to this part.

    To insert the widget into your post, paste the following shortcode into your post editor: ( WHERE IS THE POST EDITOR) on Twitter or WordPress?

    [twitter-timeline id=1234 username=yourhandle]

    In the shortcode, id is the long number you see in the URL while editing your Twitter widget, and username is your twitter handle, without the @ symbol.

    The blog I need help with is



    to get to the text editor go to Appearance on your dashboard then click widgets. Scroll down , towards the bottom of widgets page. There you will see a text widget, Hold and drag the text widget towards the sidebar of your choice. Tap to open the text widget to paste your code and save. Thats it! :)



    Once this is done, is there any way to format the embed?

    I want to center the timeline on this page just like the tweet below on this page.

    Any ideas?



    You could try putting the entire code in a div tag wrapper, but it’s not guaranteed to work.


    Is there anyway of showing a twitter link without having the live feed showing? I used to have this but can now only get it with my texts showing. Thanks.


    Twitter timeline widget isn’t working. I’ve done everything it says to do, I copied and pasted the code and still nothing. Confit theme at this blog, Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



    That doesn’t have a link to your account in it. What is your Twitter account link, starting with http?


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