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    As recommended under the widgets tab I configured a Twitter Timeline in my Twitter settings and added the widget to my blog. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to turn off the display of the logo (profile photo) which appears in every tweet in the widget. This is repetitive and unnecessary when publicising your own tweets on your own blog. Is there any way around this?

    I tried going back to the WordPress Twitter widget but it does not seem to work anymore.

    The blog I need help with is




    Generally, that is a restriction on Twitter’s end and not something that WordPress can change or control. I would think that Twitter wants to include it as your RTs would appear showing the avatar of the original tweet’s poster.

    The older widget won’t work, no, as Twitter has deactivated the code that allowed that to work.

    If you have the Custom Design add-on, we could add a little CSS that would hide the display of the avatar. (Caveat: I have no idea if doing so is in compliance with Twitter’s Terms of Service for displaying the timeline on your site.)



    I had the same question, but didn’t see any way to do it in Twitter’s client side options. However, there is an option to only display the most recent tweets, “data-tweet-limit,” which isn’t included in the WordPress Twitter Timeline Widget Options. Since I want to include the twitter feed in a side column without scroll bars for a particular aesthetic (basically, the aesthetic of the old widget), I’d like to be able to use this option for the widget.

    A potential workaround I was investigating is such: if I use WordPress’ shortcode on a post I can add the attribute “data-tweet-limit=5” and get this to work, but if I have an HTML/Text widget on the sidebar, the shortcode doesn’t process.

    Any help? I can’t imagine that I’m the only person that wants my widget to only display the latest N many tweets instead of have an ugly scroll bar pop up and incomplete tweets staring at me when the page loads.

    Also, sorry if this is the wrong place to post.


    I’m trying to put my widget on my blog but it never shows up when I click save. Could you help?



    I just started my wordpress site and everytime i enter my twitter widget code into the new twitter timeline widget, it doesn’t seem to work and the icons and timelines doesn’t show up. I don’t know why and what im doing wrong, and only really want my twitter timeline on my landing page. please help



    Same here: I try to paste the shortcode into the widget, I save it, view the homepage and it’s not there. I check the widget again and the shortcode keeps disappearing.

    Does this widget work on every template or just some of them?

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