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    Hello am setting up my first wordpress blog using sight theme. I’ve got two problems.
    One is the twitter timeline widget which is only showing as a link on the site.
    The other is I tried, as per the support pages, to paste a link from vimeo on the page called ‘directing’. Again it’s only created a link but not embedded or displaying the video itself. I’m on the premium package.
    I’ve also had a hell of a time trying to position images with text.
    Please help
    Thanks – Alex

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Alex,

    It looks like you were able to resolve the Twitter widget issue as currently, I see your tweets on your homepage. The Vimeo embed appears to be working correctly as well:

    Regarding positioning images within text, you should be able to use the align options as explained here:

    If you’re still having trouble, could you explain a bit more?



    Somebody helped me with it who understood CSS.
    Thanks for getting back.
    I’m now having trouble with the slider on home page. Have six posts as sticky and added images as featured image. When the page comes up it doesn’t display the slider. If you click away onto another page and come back to home then the slider appears. What can I do? Please be grateful for prompt reply as is really spoiling the look of my site (chose this theme for slider)
    Thank you


    Hey Alex!

    Currently, the slider is displaying on my side immediately when I load the page as shown here:

    Is it possible that maybe the slider is just taking a few seconds to load on your side? Does the slider load on the first page after a few seconds or does it not load at all even if you wait?



    No it’s not loading at all unless I click onto another page then click o header to return to home – in other words if you open my site you just don’t get that slide leaving the home page very dull useless.
    Please can anyone help?


    Have you been able to recreate this on multiple browsers?



    I haven’t had the chance to look. On my mobile it comes up but not on safari on my mac book. what can I do about it – please can you help?



    Well, it looks like the site and theme are working correctly as your slider is loading on my side and on your mobile device. Is this possibly a result of your internet connection? Can you try to use your MacBook at a different location and see if a better internet connection improves loading speed? Also, can you make sure you’re using the latest version of your browser? Browser versions can be found here:



    Hello I’m not sure if you received my reply to this so I’ll just send it again.
    I’ve used my macbook at several different locations but most of the time the slider doesn’t appear until I click away and back again as described. It’s the latest version of safari, I bought the mac 3 weeks ago.


    Hi Alex,

    I’ve tested your site in Safari multiple times, and I’ve been unable to recreate the issue. If you’re only experiencing the issue intermittently, it sounds like this might be a connection problem. The images are not that large, so it shouldn’t have any trouble loading.

    Can you try this on Chrome to see if you experience the issue there as well?



    Hi thanks.
    On Chrome it is fine.
    I’m experiencing this 99% of the time on Safari, in several locations, even if I refresh the page. Have tried contacting the template designers but no reply.


    Have you installed any additional add-ons to your Safari browser? You can find this by clicking Safari -> Preferences -> Extensions.



    no, there are none.


    Hi Alex,

    I’m sorry you’re still having trouble. Here’s what I’m experiencing on my side in the latest version of Safari:

    As you can see, it does take a second or two for the slider to load. Can you tell me what your settings are set to under Preferences -> Privacy?



    Sorry to be ignorant but where do I find preferences > privacy. I’ve been over the dashboard for ten minutes and can’t find.


    I apologize for not explaining that more clearly! This would be in your Safari panel, not your Dashboard. You should be able to click Safari -> Preferences -> Privacy.



    Ok cheers. It says
    Cookies and other website data > Remove all website data
    350 websites stored cookies or other data > details

    Block cookies and other website data > Box checked = From 3rd parties and advertisers

    Limit website access to location services > Box checked = Prompt for each website once each day

    website tracking – ask websites not to track me > Not checked box

    Smart search field – do not preload top hit in the back ground > not checked box
    – prevent search engine from providing suggestions > box not checked.

    No idea what all this means! But over to you thanks Jeremey


    Hey Alex,

    Those look like they’re setup correctly. However, can you try unchecking the “Block cookies and other website data” to see if it has any effect? Also, could you upload a screenshot of your site loaded without the slider to your Media Library? I’d like to see this in action to determine if it’s the entire slider that isn’t loading or just a piece of it.



    Hello Jeremy
    Have checked the cookies option as ‘always’ and then as ‘never’ and neither work.
    Have uploaded a screen shot to the media library.
    Let me know


    Hi Alex!

    In the site address bar on your screen, it doesn’t look like you’re loading the right URL. To visit your home page, you’ll need to visit the domain shown here:

    Can you try loading that page and let me know if you are still having trouble?

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