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    The Twitter widget in my sidebar has recently changed its behavior on my iPad and iPhone (or perhaps it always has done this and I just haven’t noticed):

    When I arrive at my blog (using the Safari app), the tweets are normal size, but within a second or two the font size begins to increase incrementally, reaching a point where one can only see one or two words per line.

    This does not happen on Safari on my iMac, so I guess the problem is iOS-related or perhaps specifically Safari-related.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Any known fixes?

    I’d appreciate if folks would visit my site via phone or table and tell me what they see.


    The blog I need help with is





    Good morning –

    That definitely sounds odd. I’d like to try and replicate it on my side. The issue is on Or a different site?

    A few other details needed:

    – type of iPhone and iPad
    – iOS version number
    – safari version number? same on both devices?

    Thanks :)



    Right, the issue is on

    iPhone 6: iOS 12.1, Safari 12

    iPad Pro: iOS 12.1, Safari 12




    I have copied my twitter handle exactly but my tweets will not post to my page. I keep getting the error that the twitter account doesn’t exist. I noticed that even though I didn’t put it in, it puts an @ symbol right before my twitter handle. I think this might be the problem.



    The problem appears to be resolved. I didn’t do anything here on my end, so I presume it was corrected on the WP end. Thanks!



    Oops. The problem, as described in my original comment, has returned. It has not been corrected.



    I think the styles are coming from Twitter, unfortunately, so we may not have much control over them.

    That said, you might have some luck from changing your theme. I noticed your widgets are really difficult to read on my phone (Pixel II) because it isn’t displaying in a mobile-friendly way. The text is very tiny (about 3px tall for me). So you might try enabling the “Default Mobile Theme” to see how that affects things, or temporarily change to a theme that has a responsive view built in (basically any at that haven’t been retired).

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