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Twitter to Fire Marting Bashir for Michael Jackson

  1. Hello I am new here.

    Sending this along........................thanks!

    Twitter Event to Fire Martin Bashir on NBC Dateline on behalf of what he did to Michael Jackson
    September 23 and 30, 2010
    6:00 pm Central Time


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  3. Oh, that should be HILARIOUS to watch.

  4. meh, wish they'd just go back to edit warring on bashir's wikipedia entry rather than this being spammed all over youtube etc. It'll fail of course, but trying to get a man who has ostensibly done nothing wrong fired is a little bit sick.

  5. I hate Martin Bashir, I find him completely boring and robotic, but I think it's ridiculous for people to try and get him fired. I get that Michael Jackson is arguably one of the best musicians of all time, but last time I checked he wasn't the greatest of human beings. Call me heartless but I don't ever feel sorry for people who probably molested a lot of children.

  6. pornstarbabylon

    Michael knew every question that would be asked. Does anyone honestly believe that someone as famous as he was would approve of an interview if he didn't know every single question Bashir would ask before the interview happened? The interview backfired on Michael and he cried and blamed Bashir.

  7. Just like this thread backfired on the OP.

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