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Twitter updates not displaying

  1. Hi all,
    I have installed the Twitter updates link but twitter does not display anything.

    This is the code I got from Twitter for using as a widget.

    <div id="twitter_div">
    <h2 class="twitter-title">Twitter Updates</h2>


      Can somebody help me in getting it right.

    • scratch this one, this I resolved myself, took an hour. Finally understood it needed to be an RSS widget not a text widget. My mistake, apologies lazy web :)

    • Hi all,
      It still is not displaying. This is me and my friends RSS feed URL

      I have done the following settings on my RSS feed widget inside wordpress Design > Widgets

      a. Added an RSS widget
      b. In the RSS feed link gave the link above

      c. Asked to show the latest/last 10 twitters

      d. Named the RSS feed as Tweets.

      e. Checked all the three settings given

      Display item content?
      Display item author if available?
      Display item date?

      Went to the site and it says Twitter is probably down.

      Went to twitter and the site is up.

      I do know it takes a bit of time for the feed to show up, but how much time?

    • bubel,
      hi. I know that one, I am trying to get friends timeline on mine as well. The FAQ tells this

      Explicitly these two lines from the page

      '1) Go to USERNAME HERE to view your timeline. Alternatively go to if you also want to include your friends tweets.

      2) Scroll down to the bottom and look on the left for ‘RSS’.'

      This tells me that I can add there, now is the FAQ wrong.

      I am able to add mine, I want to actually have mine as well as friends feed as well.

    • It does not appear to work with the friend feed; I tested and encounter the same error. Allow me to verify the situation, as our FAQ may need some tinkering.

    • Thanx.

    • Okay here's the deal. The friend timeline is password protected; as such, our RSS Widget will not perform any sort of authentication on it. In other words, it will not work.

      Here is the workaround (and this will be going directly into the FAQ article later today):

      Go to and register.

      You can burn the feed, but you will need to pass your credentials with the RSS feed's URL.

      Thus, you will burn the following:

      http://username:%5Bemail redacted]/statuses/friends_timeline/16242986.rss

      Once the feed is burned, you will get something like this:

      Add this new URL into the RSS Widget, and it should work.

    • Useful to know, thanks!

    • It works but now I get duplicate content

      At the feed-burner I did a slight change though instead of using

      I changed it to :-

      Now what is happening that the feeds are being repeated, any ideas?

    • I am unable to see any duplicated entries from

      Can you still see them there? Which ones?

    • Please have a look at
      and lemme know if there are duplicates or not.

      By duplicate I mean a hyperlinked and a non-hyperlinked entry displaying the same content. This, from my perspective shouldn't be happening.

    • That is because you've set the RSS widget options to display Content as well as title. And since it's Twitter, the content and title are identical. You can change that under your widget configuration.

    • Hi Raincoaster,
      Its still not doing it right. I deleted and did it from scratch.

      In the options given :-

      Display item content?
      Display item author if available?
      Display item date?

      I have used only :-

      Display item content?

      Even then it comes double :(

    • Ah ok so its this one which fixes it .

      I just needed to use

      Display item author if available?

      Although a suggestion that there should be lot of difference while writing the options. The options wording is confusing.

    • professorbeach

      I just tried to set up twitter on my blog & have same problem as shirishag75.

      I went to the site and it says Twitter is probably down.

      Went to twitter and the site is up.

      I do know it takes a bit of time for the feed to show up, but how much time?

    • Hi professorbeach,

      I've have a twitter feed on my blog for abotu a year and I'v found it's down about 20% of the time.

      However, it would help if you could give us the link to your blog and the link of the Twitter RSS. The important thing with the Twitter RSS is that it includes user_timeline as friends_timeline doesn't work.

    • professorbeach

      thanks carocat.
      here is the link to my blog
      you will find the RSS feed in the top right corner.
      I am not interested in adding my friends.
      I just want to post a daily comment here.

    • Can you double check that you followed the exact steps here, please?

    • professorbeach

      Hi Carocat, I've deleted the code and started again from the very beginning & it is still not working. Here is the code:
      <div id="twitter_div">
      <ul id="twitter_update_list">,</div>,<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>,<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
      It looks fine to me.
      What could be the problem?

    • You cannot use that code here, please follow these instructions:

    • professorbeach

      Thank you so much - duh - my fault for not following your directions to a T.
      How do I remove my name from the twitter post on my blog?

    • This Yahoo pipe will do that:

      Enter your username then click run pipe. Once it's run, click on more options, then copy the link from 'Get as RSS' and insert that here in your RSS widget.

    • professorbeach

      You are BRILLIANT! after a couple of tries, I finally got it. Thank you VERY MUCH!!! All is good!

    • You are very welcome, I am glad I could help! :)

    • professorbeach

      I just went back to check it (using firefox) and error occurred. So I opened up with IE and twitter is there but double the posts - one with name and one without. then I went back to firefox & posts are now showing up - again with duplicates. ????

    • professorbeach

      Carocat, oops - I unchecked the options in wordpress except for the date & seems to be okay now.

    • Just to check, this is the url you have in your RSS widget here at wordpress?

    • Ah yes, that would cause it.

      So it's all working now?

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