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Twitter @username disappearing?

  1. This is for both the default Twitter widget and the Twitter follow button that can be placed in a text widget. For some reason, the @username of my Follow button is blanked out when I zoom in/out of the page. More apparent on FF but also happens on Chrome (I'm using a Mac). I tried other random usernames and other themes, and the same thing happens.

    Seems to be a weird glitch.. anyone noticing the same thing or know how to solve the issue?

    Here is my blog for reference:


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can see it using both Firefox 10.0.2 ans IE8.

  3. saintjudevancouver

    We're also experiencing this.

  4. I'm suspecting this issue is due to either not waiting for the whole site to load as those sharing icons load last. or it's abrowser issue. Let me take a wild guess. Are you using Chrome?

  5. Happens on safari too. I didn't see it happen before (last week when I was editing my widgets). Assuming its an issue in their end..

  6. You can use the Help link on the top right hand corner of your Admin page to report this to Staff.

  7. I don't see the link to actually report it : / or is there a specific forum to report these things?

  8. Here's the way to contact staff

  9. Or go to your Dashboard Help button and work through the menu there to contact "Happiness Engineers."

  10. I think they've adressed and fixed this now.

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