twitter website verification – what is it please?

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    In dashboard>tools>twitter website

    a verification code is asked for along the lines of

    <meta name=’p:domain_verify’ content=’f100679e6048d45e4a0b0b92dce1efce’>

    what is this please? I understand that it is MORE than just my twitter handle. I had a quick search but couldn’t find anything

    The blog I need help with is


    It seems that feature is new. I came across it this morning and am eager to know too.



    I’d like to add mine as well. The WordPress Developers have not yet explained this in the tutorial section on how to set up all the other verification tools (and I have completed a couple already). I have two twitter accounts.

    Twitter is of no help at all, I’ve tried looking. It’s strange, though, that when you click on where it says “Twitter” at the top (where the list of other websites is), it goes directly to Twitter’s new Ads program. :/



    I am wondering of this also. I will be trying to figure out the missing content. will post if i am successful


    in go to analytics>website> and you will see the meta tag. copy paste to wordpress tools>available tools>twitter website


    Okay, I got it. It’s for analyzing tweets and clickthroughs from your site pages.

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