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Twitter Widget

  1. that's all I have to say. Twitter Widget.

  2. Thanks for your two words. Have you searched the forum search box? If so then you know how to go about making your request to staff.

  3. YIKES! Carocat I forgot about your excellent contribution. Sorry. :(
    Thanks for posting the link.

  4. Not a problem.

    After all it gives me a handful of hits a day... :)

  5. I'm embarrassed that I forgot. Thanks for being gracious. :)

  6. "Thanks for your two words. Have you searched the forum search box? If so then you know how to go about making your request to staff."
    Sorry, but.. No I don't. How does that link help me? And anyway, I have been using the RSS widget, it'd just be nice to be able to use the actual flash widget.

  7. Submit your request to staff including the reasons you would like to see it implemented.

  8. That link redirects you to a long topic:

    In that thread you will find many people pointing out that the only option is to submit your request to staff where it will be further evaluated.

    In general pretty much everyone in here is a volunteer and everyone does it in their free time to help other bloggers out. Having a thread that only says: that's all I have to say. Twitter Widget. is rude.

  9. Okay mini-mod. I wasn't saying it to insult you guys or the staff, is that what it sounded like? It's just a suggestion. As far as I knew, I was posting in the suggestions section of the forum. If I wasn't, my bad. But I fail to see how my post was, of all things, rude.

  10. @swftlab
    Not to worry. If you want to be sure that staff attention is drawn to your request you can send in a "support" using the blue button on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page, during support hours. And if you don't want to do that well that's cool too. It's your choice. :)

  11. It is always nice to say 'Please'. Or to say: 'It would be nice if WordPress consider implementing a Twitter Widget' or 'Please implement a Twitter Widget'.

    It's the small things, you know.. :)

  12. @timethief: Thanks.
    @carocat: I know, but I was joking. Sorry if you got offended.

  13. @swiftlab
    You're welcome. Happy blogging. :)

  14. I used carocat's writeup to put the Twitter feed on my site

    Question, Can I get rid of the RSS Syndication button? The little orange button?

  15. I think that's only possible if you've got the CSS upgrade. Sorry. :)

  16. I do...what do i need to do.

  17. Sorry, wrong link and I can't edit, argh.

    Can't find the thread I was thinking of now. Maybe someone else can help.

  18. I don't think the icon can be removed from the rss widget but it can be removed (with css) from the subscribe area.

  19. Gotcha. I didn't see a way to edit the css in the rss widget. oh well.

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