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    I’m having trouble with the twitter widget. I want my latest tweets to appear in the sidebar. I followed the instructions but it keeps coming up as twitter did not respond. WordPress has access to the twitter account, I’ve checked.

    Any one have any suggestions,

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you read the support doc? Widgets contain cached data and take time to update. Do not keep setting up the widget again and again because each time you do that you will create a display delay.

    Also keep in mind that the widget will check Twitter for updates every 15 minutes, so you may not see new Tweets appear right away.



    You must also enter the correct URL. All URLs are preeceeded by either http:// or https://

    This is incorrect: twitter.comCSRlandplan It’s not a URL.

    This is a URL that is correct



    Thanks for your suggestions. I had followed the support doc. I have tried entering the URL as you suggested. Unfortunalty when I hit save the /// disappear and the same error message appears



    Oh no! I don’t know why that is happening. I tagged this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.



    I am having the same difficulty. I’ve tried a few workaround with no results. (Ie. adding in an image and linking, using supplied text via twitter.)



    Hi Peeps.

    Dont forget that your Twitter username is NOT the whole URL, just the last part, i.e.<<THIS BIT ONLY>>

    See: which says:

    Twitter username: The username of the Twitter account that you want to show tweets from. When looking at a Twitter page, the username is the last part of the URL, as shown in the image below. (i.e. You do not need the full URL, just your username.

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