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Twitter widget

  1. None. Contact staff directly for that information.

  2. raincoaster or anyone. I'm very new to wordpress and not much with overall experience.

    Is there a way to have my post create a twitter post automatically?

    Is there a way to have my twitter posts create a blog entry?



  3. No, there is no way to have your blog make automatic twitter posts at There is no way to have your twitter posts on your blog automatically except by using the RSS widget or the Twitter widget, as discussed in this thread. Twitter streams and blogs are two different things.

  4. @timbo9 you can link your blog's RSS feed with and it will automatically post your posts. It doesn't do it straight away though.

    Also, I've noticed that the Twitter widget has broken yet again. Rather than the usual "no respose from Twitter" it now shows this on my blog

    * / 39 years ago
    * R -1 years ago

    When will the problems with this widget be addressed?

  5. Similar problems experienced here:

  6. I should be more specific. Often only "No response from Twitter", and sometimes the '* / 39 years...' nonsense as well. Intermittent success in providing Twitter updates. I'm not using custom CSS, and I'm using the Twitter widget (RSS had many other problems).

    One other question - the html code provided by Twitter for other sites (e.g., Blogger, etc.) doesn't work as a html add in the Text widget; any plans to have those functions available (especially the javascript versions) on in the future?

  7. Bugs with the Twitter widget should be resolved now.

    We've also worked with Twitter to get whitelisted, so you should not see the "No response" message anymore. The limit they've given us should be very adequate. :-)

  8. Ah, it was an API problem then?

  9. More updates for the Twitter widget have been deployed, including better error handling if the Twitter account is not public, option to hide replies, and a dropdown for the # of tweets to show (max of 20).

  10. Last updates had to be reverted for now.

  11. Hi, I've added the widget to my blog but it looks really ugly, (new line for each @). Please anyone any suggestions?! I'm not hot with CSS etc

  12. @mtdewvirus - thank you very much. Seems to be resolved now.

  13. myfriendsatroxyann

    Hi, just set up my wordpress acct and still new to twitter as well. When setting up the twitter widget, it asks for title and twitter username,; not exactly sure what to enter for username. I, too, get the "no response" no matter what I put in username.

  14. Now that we have the new widget API, the updates have been applied again.

  15. @gassyash, please provide the URL to your blog. It's most likely your Custom CSS.

    @myfriendsatroxyann, your username is what you see in the URL of your Twitter page. Example: For the username is wordpresssdotcom.

  16. Oh this is brilliant, thank you for allowing us to hide @replies!

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