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    @designsimply @mtdewvirus Is there any way that if there is no response, the widget will just continue to display the last set of tweets until there is a successful update?

    The “no response” message just makes it look like you have something broken on your blog, and who knows if the visitor will refresh or visit a new page in time to see an updated version? Especially on a blog, where there is more scrolling than page-changing and refreshing. Might end up just going back to RSS…



    So I guess this is completely on twitter’s end? On my blog (, it has been fussy all day – both with an RSS widget and the Twitter widget. Irritating.

    Any recommendations mtdewvirus or designsimply?



    If your Twitter stream is private, then for obvious reasons a Twitter widget of any kind will ALWAYS fail.

    mtdewvirus, thanks, that’s a beautiful job. Now I have to go figure out colours that go with swamp green and black!



    @toddthomas, we are working on a solution.



    mtdewvirus: You probably missed my other post in this thread where I mentioned you’ll need to change the link for the hashtags search.

    Got a tweet with a hashtag in my widget, it links to which displays a 404 page as the correct url for search is or in my case:

    It’d be awesome if you could fix this. Thanks.



    @caracat, Both links work fine for me, but I’ve updated it to use the URL.




    Do you have the new sidebar search they’ve rolled out? Maybe that allows both links?



    Resurfacing prior question unanswered…. when I add new widgets, it wipes out previous ones, which wouldn’t be a problem, except that I can’t add some of them back because my theme (pressrow) assumes they are already there (even though they are not if I add new widgets). Anyone have any insight? I want to keep the ones already included in pressrow (recent entries, blogroll, etc.) but add new ones.


    What is originally shown is a default sample set so that you can see what things look like. Once you add a widget, the sample set disappears.

    After adding a widget, click “save changes.” Then after the page reloads, click the “show” button at the top of the “available widgets” column. That should refresh the list for you so that you can add the other widgets you want to add.

    The blogroll widget is actually called “links” buy the way.



    I know people have talked about this but this Twitter thing is kind of frustrating me. Most of the time my blog displays “No Response from Twitter”. If I go in and resave the widget it will update with my actual tweets – for a short time at least. My Twitter profile is not set to private and I don’t see anywhere that I can change the address for Twitter in the widget. I’m kind of at a loss and think this widget is just about worthless if I’m constantly having to mess with it and most of the time it doesn’t display anything. Advice? Thoughts?



    Believe me, it’s a twitter problem. Failwhale has been very busy. There’s nothing anyone here can do, including you, to make it work better.



    Dear thesacredpath…. thanks for your post. But that’s doesn’t work, either. I’m going to leave my blog the way it is, after adding archives and twitter today, so that you can see that it wipes out my previous sidebar widgets (recent posts, links). Funny thing is, when I click on show widgets used, they come up in the list, yet they are not on my blog, and there is no “add” button beside them for me to re-add them.

    I followed your instructions, clicking save changes. And then I clicked the show button at the top of the “available widgets” column. It doesn’t put an add button by the ones it thinks are already there (but they aren’t there!) I feel like an idiot…

    here’s my blog :


    Did you perhaps change from a three-column theme back to a two-column theme? If so, then that could be the issue.

    Change back to your previous theme, remove all widgets from both sidebars and save changes. Then switch back to your current theme and add the widgets. This had been a problem in the past, but I thought it had all been taken care of.



    No, thesacredpath friend, I did not change from 3 column to 2 column. Didn’t change theme at all. I think the issue must be with the Pressrow Theme by Chris Pearson. Thanks for your help anyway.


    Contact staff then is my only other suggestion.



    I appreciate your help, thesacredpath… thank you. I think I’ll do that!



    My blog is I’m not having any issues with twitter on my phone or fb, but I’ve deleted and re added the widget several times over the past 5 days with no luck. The initial add will put my posts up, but then they’re gone forever after.


    In response to the “No response from Twitter” error… I just noticed that on mine, all my tweets will load ONLY if I’m logged into Twitter… even though my twitter feed is public.

    Just FYI.



    That’s an interesting note. Please contact staff via the Contact Support button and pass that along to them; it’s something they’ll have to tinker with.


    I am having the same experience as shades1979

    I don’t currently have my widget on my sidebar as I feel it looks tacky to have an error showing. I’ve tried removing it completely, reloading it. I’ve tried using it through the RSS feed widget, both give errors. They work for about 10 min, then you refresh my blog and there are the errors…. Lame…

    Any idea when WordPress will fix these errors so we can use the widgets error-free?

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