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  1. hi there

    ok, bit confused - have read the info on support about the widget...and read what it says in the widget...but when I put the ID number IN the widget and click save, it dissapears..?

    I don't understand why or where the link comes in from the widget to making a post with it...? I am tired so that may not be helping lol!

    Can anyone help?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. PS..I dont have a number ID here...I have @guyhenryfans...

    Can anyone help with where I am going wrong...?

  3. Can anyone help please, as I still cannot get this widget up....I dont want to have to make another topic when this is still 'live' I dont have a number just my twitter acct of username above.

  4. There are two twitter widgets here: the basic one and the Twitter Timeline one. Which one are you using? The regular one needs your Twitter username. The Twitter Timeline needs a numerical ID.

    What exactly are you putting in the widget?

  5. Hi, sorry for the delay, its the twitter timeline one, as I used to use the one that was discontinued...

    Well I was putting in my username as that was what was appearing in the browser where I was meant to look but it kept disappearing... then it told me to look for a number....and there isn't one...hence me asking....

    So is there two twitter widgets...

  6. Update: Ok i cant show a screencap...I have got the twitter timeline widget...I have put my username in...but whats this numerical number...where can it be found.....?

  7. PPS I have just had a look and the twitter widget i initially went for says this underneath:

    'Please switch to the 'Twitter Timeline' widget. This widget will be going away in the future and the new widget allows for more customization'

    Its this timeline one that requires the number, but which number- none shows in my browser...

  8. Think I have sorted it @raincoaster :D Well pleased with myself :D

    I have 2 twitters up currently, I believe its the first one thats going to be discontinued soon am I correct? And the bottom one is the one thats going to take over?

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