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    Hi. Can anyone tell me how to change the color of the links in the Twitter widget? I’ve tried manipulating every tag, style and class I can identify but with no luck. I can even change the non-link text, but not the link itself. Any ideas? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    You appear to have gotten this figured out, correct?


    Actually, you are going to have to add the “!important” attribute to override the original color as below:

    .widget ul.tweets li a:link, .widget ul.tweets li a:visited {
    color: #851D1D !important;


    Ah-HA! Thanks so much! :) Good-looking site you have, too Richard.


    Thanks and you are welcome.



    Heck yeah. I’d just like to say, this was the final touch in my upgrade for the custom fonts pack, which I now heartily endorse. With my limited knowledge of CSS and for about the price of a beer a month (to give you some idea of the beer I like), I get a swank looking blog. Thanks again.


    Good looking site you have there. Nice colors, very readable and nice choice of fonts, especially for the site title. I’ve always disliked the very heavy fonts use in Bueno. I guess they are ok for some people, but just too much for my tastes.

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