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    Hello…is there any way this twetter widget can be used in….?

    Its the known as “Join the conversation” widget….this one is yet more help as we follow our own people, and its kind of offset to keep logging (or going to Twitter) to see what’s up with the people…everything will be condensed into WP page…with the new FB box….this will be an great enhancement….don’t know if its possible…but wanted to ask about…

    The blog I need help with is



    No, it uses code that’s insecure, so we can’t use it here. Right now we have the prefab Twitter widget, or you can hand-code one in HTML (no javascript) and put it in a text widget.


    Member uses it, so it’s probably okay for to use too. You just can’t use it right now as hasn’t added support for it.


    :( bommer…. will see about the hand-code…..and yes ryanhellyer, Blogger uses it, so I thought WP would be considering as a a addition… :)


    Hey….got something in head right now….this will be same as “TWITTER BLACKBIRD PIE”…but in a much easier way…don’t cha’think!!??…

    Now, raincoaster, how do I do that?…


    OMG….i think I found a different way for it… :)

    This is how you get the ATOM feed from a list of Twitter…. name/lists/list/statuses.atom

    You type this into the RSS widget in your and change the “strong” words with your names and voila….there you have it….

    Will not work as I would love to, that each link and person can be found separetly within the Tweet, but at least this is much better than nothing at all…. :)

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