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    I have followed the directions, created the widget, copied the code – several times- but it won’t accept the code – and yes, I have entered it EXACTLY as asked.

    Other widgets/plug ins give “easy” directions to upload to my WordPress plug in folder. Where the heck do I find that folder?

    This is all very confusing. Moreso than it should be.


    The blog I need help with is



    I am also having this issue!



    @oliviawilder1 – I’m guessing that you are confusing your site (which has no content other than the original “Hello World!” post from 2012) with a self-hosted install of the WordPress software. These are two entirely separate entities. See here:

    @laurendp2013 – We need a link to your website where you need assistance, starting with http:// to make it clickable.


    Thanks, justjennifer. I finallly got it working, but the problem I’m having the most is that everyone is having terrible problems following my post. Apparently WP makes it harder to follow if you’re not a registered WP subscriber!

    Thanks again!



    @oliviawilder1 – Would you like to give me the URL of the site you need help with? As I stated above, the one linked in your post and to your username is essentially empty of content. There’s no Twitter widget there either.


    Somehow, when I created my main page as a gallery, it became a “post.,” and my “about” became my only page. I am looking to make my gallery my main page. WP is so confusing. I’m really hating it. Definitely for advanced users.


    PS I did, as I said, get the widgets straightened out.



    Ah, now that we have the right website, it will be easier to help you. (Lovely work!)

    If you want to create a Page with the content of this post the easiest way to do so is by switching to the Text tab of the Post Editor and copying and pasting the code from the Text tab of that Post into the Text tab of the Page Editor.

    Here’s more on

    You can set any Page to be the front/home page of your site by following these instructions:

    Since search engines love fresh content, I’d still keep the blog posts for news/announcements on shows, new works and the like.

    Also, can I suggest that you change the link in your username? You can do that in your Settings, under “website address”.

    There is indeed a learning curve involved, but I really suggest that if you haven’t done so yet, check out

    If you prefer a more linear learning experience, there is a book written by Lisa Sabin-Wilson on WordPress for Dummies, which is mostly about the standalone WordPress software, but does have a very worthwhile chapter on using If you don’t want the entire book, I’d check it out of the library.



    For some reason I never received notification of your thoughtful response on April 28th. Thank you! I came here tonight looking again for an answer to my problem(s)! I am so frustrated because I personally feel that WordPress is much to user-UNfriendly for an average person to have a successful blog, possibly unless you pay, I don’t know.

    I just now read your response, and I will look into it, but frankly, I’m not an “instruction” reader and if it’s that difficult, I tend to move on.
    Why do you suggest changing my link in my username? I’m so confused.

    What I was looking for tonight is in addition to the all of the above (page vs. post; change user name link, etc) and was looking for how my testimonials are displayed. I created four testimonials from clients but how anyone would ever see them, I don’t know.

    All I really wanted was 1. My static PAGE (gallery) to be just that, the gallery. But I didn’t know that I couldn’t add more photos to it, so I need to create “more” gallery, it seems, as a POST. On the top I wanted links (like the one to “About”) for the “about” as well as “Testimonials.”

    I don’t even know why anyone uses wordpress, frankly. Who has time for this?

    Anyhow, thank you for all of your help. I do appreciate your efforts.



    Hi again,

    I understand entirely. As difficult as it may seem, one of the most important things when you are just starting is to damper the “bells and whistles” and go step-by-step to what it is you want to accomplish. When you try or want to do everything all at once, it can be overwhelming.

    So back to your questions:

    Why do you suggest changing my link in my username? I’m so confused.

    At the moment that link leads to an empty site, oliviawilder1. Why not link it to the site that you have content on, oliviawilderart? That way when you leave comments on other people’s sites, the link will appear in your username and they’ll be able to visit your site as well.

    I created four testimonials from clients but how anyone would ever see them, I don’t know.

    The theme you’ve chosen to use, Motif, is one of the more complicated themes to set up. You can read about using Motif’s features on its Showcase page If you don’t find the information there, then please ask back here.

    Another option is switching to a simpler theme.

    That is all the time I have for now. I will try to respond to your other questions when I can.


    Thanks for responding. I don’t know how I can change to oliviawilderart, since I first got oliviawilder1 a few years ago and never did anything with it, instead using blogspot. So the art one is a 2nd blog on the main one. Again, SO confusing.
    I chose Motif because it looked like an easy photo blog and I wanted to create a gallery page, About page, testimonial page, with widgets. Period. I just had no idea it would turn into such a headache.
    I’ll go look at the link for Motif theme again, which I’m sure I’ve done, but hopefully I can find something now.
    Thanks again, so much.



    You’re welcome.

    You can change the link attached to your username by going here: and on the Web Address line, changing the link to and saving your changes.


    Thank you so much for all of your help. I have been trying to comprehend the motif theme but to no avail. Blonde? Maybe. But I am going to look for an easier one where I can achieve my goals. Wish me luck! LOL

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