Two accounts for one blog: sometimes it works, sometimes not

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    Hi there,

    I’m Stefania and is my blog.

    A couple of years ago, more or less, I changed my email address, since I had some troubles with the one I used to have.

    I first created my blog using the old email address ((email redacted)) and my username was mymilanblog. When I changed my email address, I logged in with my old email and changed both username (stefimi) and email adress ((email redacted)).

    Since then, I started receiving notifications from my blog BOTH at my new email address AND the old one.
    Sometimes I log in with my new email or username and I enter to my blog with no problem (that’s how it happened when I first logged in with the Wp App I have on my Ipad and on my Samsung smartphone).
    Sometimes I enter the “new” stefimi account and there’s no blog associated and if I use my old email address, I find my blog with the old email and the old username as if I never changed them (that what’s happening now both with my Iphone Wp App and trying to access my blog using my pc).

    How can I solve this problem? I want to access my blog with – and receive notification only at my new email address ((email redacted)), deleting my old email address and old username.

    Thank you and best regards,




    Hi there. I’ll tag this thread for staff to follow up. Please be patient while waiting for them to respond.



    It looks like you have two separate user accounts, rather than one that was changed in the past. The blog is still owned by the user mymilanblog and can be accessed under your old email address. Your current account stefimi owns no blogs.

    The best way to resolve this is to log in as mymilanblog and transfer your blog to the new user stefimi. That will resolve all of these issues and leave things the way you wanted them to be.

    This page explains how to do this process:



    Thamk you very much for your answer!



    You’re very welcome. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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