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Two accounts for the same self-hosted wordpress blog

  1. Hi,

    I have been creating two accounts a while ago and just realised one of the two is still "active" (the one from which I am sending you this email)
    Both are set up for my blogs (in fact one of the 2 doesn't exist anymore)
    But unfortunately someone subscribed to to my blog and this was sent using the email of this account. I would like all mails related to this blog going to my other account linked to my account public name "mystereddy"

    I couldn't find a way to "delete" from this account (the one from which I am sending this message). Could you help me here ? This is a self-hosted blog, so nothing more than my account exists on your side.

    And if you would like to delete the other one by the way, I don't see any problem with that, since was stopped a while ago now.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Anyone ?

  3. The key word here is "self-hosted." That means it's a WordPress.ORG blog, so nobody from can help.

  4. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. What I am asking for relates to my profiles in, why would it be the wrong place ?

    This has nothing to do with my blog being self-hosted or not. I just have two accounts here, and would like them to be merged or just the "eddy1103" account to be "unchained" from my blog to avoid any lost of email notification and maybe problems with other jetpacks feature.

  5. You can disconnect/reconnect the Jetpack blogs from the Jetpack section of your blog's Dashboard.

    If you hover over the "Connected" button, it will change to a "Disconnect" button.

  6. This was already done when I received an email notification on the wrong email address. That's why I was confused and then recall I used to have another account for WordPress a while ago.

  7. Ok, so which blogs did you want connected to which account?

  8. To this account I am writing from, only the "old" one which is 2eyeswideopen. It is already connected in fact. But I don't want this account to be connected to

  9. And this account should be connected to only :) Hope I was clear since it's a little confusing...

  10. PS : I am actually connected to 2 other websites ( and, but I am about to create specific accounts for them too know I now how confusing it can be.

  11. It's done for the 2 others websites.

  12. Ok, so you'll need to do that from the Jetpack section in the Dashboard.

    Hover over the Connected button, and you'll see a Disconnect button. Once disconnected, reconnect to the desired account.

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