Two blog columns on the same page?

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    Right now all the pages on my site have one blog column and one sidebar. I would like to change my homepage so that it has 2 blog columns, each displaying content from a different blog category – is this possible to do with the CSS editor? Like reroute what content goes in which column?

    I’m using the Twenty Eleven theme, but I’d be okay with switching if need be. Here’s my site:, and here’s Twenty Eleven’s original CSS:

    Please let me know what you think, thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    The answer is “no”. Blogs have only a single dynamic or running page for posts. You cannot invent another one. You cannot change the functionality of any theme. You can only change appearance with CSS editing. Every blog wearing the same theme here on this multiuser blogging platform is using the same template and we cannot access theme or template files and edit them. See here > and here >



    Ah, that’s too bad. Thanks for the help


    This isn’t something that can be done here since it would require access to, and modification of, the theme PHP script files. Since this is a multi-user platform, we all share the same files so any change by one would change it for anyone using that theme.

    You can use a custom menu and then organize your posts by category and put those categories in the top navigation using a custom menu, but that is about as far as we can go here.

    You might look at the new React premium theme which allows you to highlight posts on the main page. See the “Easily Show Off Your Portfolio” section about half way down on the page.


    That’s what I get for not refreshing, but take a look at React. Although not exactly what you want, it might work for you.

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