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Two blogrolls: how to switch?

  1. I have two different blogs and I love the "Blogroll this blog" feature on WordPress, but now when I use it all the links I add automatically go to my older blog, even when I want them on my newer one. Is there any way to make sure they go where they're intended, or am I out of luck using that feature for the new blog?

  2. I think they probably go to whatever you have listed as your primary blog

  3. I don't remember listing one as primary, though.

  4. Your first blog will be the default primary blog. Look in Users->Your Profile

  5. Ah, thanks.

  6. no problem :)

  7. You should be able to create a second shortcut though with the 2nd blog's URL.

    At least I would think you should be able to.

  8. Yeah, it's so easy to switch on all the other pages. I would hope if that functionality isn't there now, it gets built, maybe like on the Dashboard: you hover your cursor and get a dropdown menu of which blog you want to pick.

  9. Oh, you're talking about the bluebar. I was thinking you had a bookmarket thingie.

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