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    I have my original blog,, I have added a second blog , this second blog will serve as a catalog of the artworks that are currently being done and available.
    I want to choose a 2 column theme for this blog, when I preview the themes in the second blog, the original blog shows up in the theme, what I don’t want is to choose one and activate it and have the original blog (Digg 3) change to a 2 column blog.
    I guess I am just trying to be sure they are not both going to change to the same theme, looking for reassurance here. I will have hyperlinks from one blog to the other for my customers to go back and forth between the two.
    Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is


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    You can change the theme on one without the theme changing on the other. I do it all the time, changing themes on my test blog, and the themes of my other blogs stay as they are.

    Just be sure you are logged in, and are viewing the dashboard of the blog you want to change.

    It is very much like this:
    I see you have made some posts in your second blog.



    Thanks so much 1tess,

    I am just a weenie when it comes to possibly screwing something that is already working up!

    Just needed reassuring that I was on the right track, thanks so much for your help, yes, I have made a couple of posts, trying to let my basket customers know that their wishes are being fulfilled by the new year. I am happy to say, hopefully they will be as well.

    Thanks to your help.



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    You are welcome.

    When I first started blogging, opening the admin page to make a post seemed very official and a bit scary because I was the only one able to view it.

    Once I got going though, I realized that I was in control: I would determine what people would see. It got to be fun, making my site look the way I wanted it to.

    You’ll get there too!



    Thanks again 1tess,

    You know I thought that the second blog would be a breeze, and in some ways it is far easier, however I think my fears are with the first blog, that since I have them connected that somehow I am really going to screw the first one up, but you have eased my fears a good deal.
    I feel much better at this point than I did this morning.

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