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    I have two separate blogs and I want to unify them into one without losing content from another. I don’t believe I can actually do that though.
    Right now I am planning on save all the posts from one, turning them into PDF’s and saving them to the other blog so that I can trash the first.
    Or I may just link the 1st blog to the 2nd and only continue using the 2nd.

    Any suggestions or advice on what the best way would be to merge the blogs.

    The blog I need help with is



    Don’t do that. You can export content out of one blog and import it into the other blog.
    Log into the old blog, go to Tools → Export, and download the XML (WXR) file to your computer.
    In the new blog, go to Tools → Import → WordPress, and upload the file you downloaded in step 1. After you upload the file, you can choose the option to Download & import file attachments if you want to move your media files.

    Don’t “trash” the first blog. Deleted blog addresses cannot be recyled. Simply make the visibility “private” so you can use it as a back-up blog and/or as a test blog.



    Thanks! That helps a lot!

    If I do delete the blog address though, I know I cannot relaunch that blog but will that domain be permanently unusable?
    I want to move all my content to my second blog and continue using that one because it has more followers and posts, however, I want to use the address of the first blog. Is there anyway to do this?



    That domain will become permanently unuseable. Just set it to Private. That way you can use it to try out themes and things.



    Is there a way that I can simply redirect one blog to the other so that I can use the domain name that I prefer and not lose followers and traffic?

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