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Two blogs, but I want just one

  1. I don't know how I did this, but it was probably when I first started my WordPress blog several weeks ago and had no idea what I was doing. Now it appears that I have two different blogs: (the one I want, but cannot figure out how to login and access my dashboard) (the one I do NOT want, but this is what I get when I login to Global Dashboard)

    How do I access the dashboard of the first blog and delete the second blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. By looking at, it looks like it was created through a separate username (tammyspianostudio?). Have you tried logging in using that username? If you can't remember the password for it, follow these instructions:

    If you want to delete, log in by using the appropriate username (prenotpiano?) and follow these instructions:

    Please note that since deleting the blog is permanent and since WordPress.COM will not let anyone use that blog address again (not even you), I recommend you just set that blog to "private" in case you change your mind later.

  3. I suggest that you don't delete the blog. You can use is as a mirror blog for backup purposes. You can test any theme changes your contemplate in it, etc. IMHO making the visibility "private" and retaining the blog is a better plan than deleting it is.

  4. Thank you. I did set the second blog to private and that was smart advice. The first blog, the one I really want to get into, is still under some mystery to me. When I tried logging in with (tammyspianostudio) as username, that did not work. I know it sounds ridiculous, but how would I go about accessing my login and password info to a blog I created?

  5. There should be a "Lost / Forgotten Password" option on the log-in, click on that and follow the directions and it will email to the email address of record for that account.

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