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Two blogs in one account - Want to keep one and delete the other. Possible?

  1. In my account I have two blogs - one I want to delete because I have never used it but it is what comes up when I sign into to comment on another blog somewhere. But one I want to keep. When I move to "delete blog" how will I know it is deleting only one- or does it delete both blogs associated with my account?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry the blog I need help with is not that one. The one I want to delete is

  3. I got it. thanks!

  4. I have exactly this problem, I think. I was setting up my first blog, made a mistake and started a new one, but Google only finds the first, wrong one. I've made the new, correct blog ( the primary blog, and made the old, wrong blog ( private and hidden. I've also cleared my history and my cache and forced a refresh. But Google still finds the wrong blog. People are asked to sign into WordPress to view the wrong blog, as it's private, but even when I type the whole correct URL into Google, it produces no results. The two blogs originally had the same name (The Pantry), so I was wary of deleting the wrong blog, in case I also lost the correct blog. Please can someone help me?

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