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    Is there a way to create a second blog that does not link back to your original blog? So people do not know you are host of both. thanks



    Yes: create a new user ID, which means a new email as well, and then create a blog with that user ID. That’s the simplest, safest way. There are others, but they’re riskier.

    Do NOT link from one to the other. Do not blogroll them. Do not tell people “this is my other blog” because one of them will put it on Facebook and then the secret is out.



    People seem to need to tell others what they are doing “this is a secret” remember if any more than one person knows about it, it is not a “secret” does not matter how “trustworthy” the second person is – seen it happen time after time over many years.

    To borrow a phrase – well blogger – do you really feel that you can keep a secret?

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