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two blogs mixed up

  1. I have set up two blogs but they seem to be mixed up together. I would like to separate blogs I cant seem to just start over either. I am confused.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to the blogs, and a little more information on what you mean mixed up.

  3. patsplace44 and westhawklakeunitedchurch I don't know what I'm doing. so bear with me. I don't even know if i have published it. am i out there?I set up Pats place for myself then the church for someone else, but it seems to be a page on pats place not on its own

  4. Your blog looks like just your blog.

  5. sorry that should be and http:westhawklake they are marked private i cant find anywhere where it tells me if it is. the dashboard looks different than when i was setting it up.I am just trying to get a little blog out there for my business and my church.and I want them completely separate.oh and how do I change the name of the church blog it just says My Blog. I am very confused I would just like a "do over" for the church one

  6. oh thanks I guess I really don't know what I am doing. Can I delete the church one and start over I guess I have not published it yet. the first one (pats place) was fairly easy to do but I seem to have totally screwed up the church one. How do I start over

  7. I've been reading some of the other questions over the last day and a half. I think I finally found something there that will help me.....I hope. Thanks for your help

  8. You don't need to start over as long as you like the name, as you can change anything in the blog any time. You can change the title of the blog under "settings > general" at the lower right of the dashboard. Some of the themes have an automatic name for the front page, which is very annoying. If that's the case then just try different themes.

    I've found a search engine (google) to be better than the search on the forum. Just plug in the forum address for the site.

    Or just put site: in front of the site address along with the terms you are searching.

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