two blogs – need to remove my name from one

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    I have two blogs:

    and a new one at:

    (email redacted)

    I want to remove my name from the second one all-together or at least be able to change it to another name that it is posted by. Is this possible or would I have to make this a separate account from the first blog and as I’ve already created the second blog how could I do that? Sorry to be so complicated but I really don’t want my full name being published for the second blog as it is going to be read by strangers. My first blog is for family and friends so I don’t need to worry about that one.

    Can you please help?

    Many thanks,




    (1.) Go to > dashboard > options > privacy
    and make the blog private. (this is temporary).
    (2.) Log out of
    (3.) Sign up for using a different email address, and using a new username that is not the same as any of your blog names. Do not create a blog, just a username.
    (4.) After you finish responding to all the confirmation emails and whatnot, log out of
    (5.) Log in as your original username (karenwilson, in your case), and go to your private blog’s dashboard > users.
    (6.) Add your newly created user as an Administrator.
    (7.) Log out and then log in as your new user.
    (8.) Go to dashboard > users.
    (9.) Delete your original username from the blog.
    (10.) Go to options > privacy, and make the blog public again.

    You may want to share the new username with your regular readers via private email.



    Thank you very much timthief I really appreciate your help. Have a shiny weekend!



    You too and thanks for saying thanks. :)

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