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    Actually, this is a problem involving both blogs – I have two of them, one is designated as the main one, and when I open the main page for, I like seeing the tabs there, with easy access to My Blogs, and all the other things. But the first tab shows a quick place to add a post. Nice. The problem is, when I change from the default blog to the secondary blog, by choosing the button next to it, on the blog entry form, it still says the main blog as the one I’m writing in, so I have to go to the dashboard anyway.

    Is this just a glitch? Something not yet ironed out? I don’t mind going through the dashboard to post on the second blog, just wondering why the option to choose is there if it’s not working. ;)

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Is the blog you use most often first among My Blogs?



    airodyssey, thank you for the link. I’m afraid perhaps i didn’t express myself very well. The page I’m talking about is this one:

    this page

    I assume when you open the My Blogs tab you will see your blog(s) listed there. To the right is the possibility to post to your blog directly. If you have more than one blog, as I do, there will be a list to the left on the new post page, and you can choose which blog you want to write a new post for.

    There is also a round icon next to the blog post that, when you hover over it, will indicate what blog you are writing to. In my case, this is my “primary” blog. When I choose the second blog by changing the choice on the left, the icon indicator still lists the primary blog, and doesn’t change when I hover over it. So if i were to try to make a post to the secondary blog, it would post to the primary one.

    I’m thinking this is something the programmers need to look at, as others may have the same problem. I know I can use my dashboards, no problem, just thought I would signal it.


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    It does look like a glitch, though I didn’t actually try it.

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