Two blogs, one user – Unable to register second username

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    I have two wordpress blogs, let’s call them blog1 and blog2, both registered under the blog1 username.

    I want to post as username “blog1” in blog1, and I want to post as username “blog2” in blog2.

    I have searched through the support forum and tried to set up a new account with the username “blog2” (intending to add blog2 as an author) but I am getting an error message saying blog2 is already taken (probably by me since I have the blog name registered). HOWEVER, when I try to log out of blog1 and then log in with the blog2 username, I get an error saying that username is invalid.

    Help! Thanks so much.



    Just set up Username2 without a blog. Then get Username1 to Invite it to the blog.


    Thanks! When I try to set up username2 without a blog, it won’t let me — it says the username has already been taken. But when I try to log in with username2, it says the username is invalid. I am also unable to use the “forgot password” tool because of this.


    Does anyone else have any ideas? Is there any way to get in touch with Support? Thanks in advance.



    This is the support link for contacting Staff directly.


    Thank you, timethief! I didn’t realize they were back online.

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