Two blogs, sharing to two different Facebook pages?

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    I have two blogs on, and I want to publish the posts to my Stayhound Facebook page, and the posts to my Matchable Facebook page.

    When I go to the Matchable dashboard -> Sharing Settings and select the Matchable app page under Publicize to my Facebook page, it changes the Publicize setting on the Stayhound dashboard setting as well (the Stayhound Publicize setting is now set to publicize to the Matchable Facebook page). When I go back to the Stayhound dashboard and change the Publicize setting to the Stayhound Facebook page, it changes it on the Matchable dashboard, too.

    Is there any way to publish posts from two different blogs to two different Facebook pages?

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, but apparently not using Publicize. You will need a FB app like Networked Blogs or RSS Graffitti.


    That’s disappointing. Yet another app to manage…

    I would expect that since the blogs have two different Dashboards, and can Publicize to two different Twitter accounts successfully, I would be able to do to the same with Facebook pages.



    Apparently not. Anyway, Publicize isn’t something I usually recommend: FB automatically detects robo-posting like Publicize or those apps and downgrades it so it hardly ever appears in news feeds. I manually post things.

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