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two blogs that need one sign in page

  1. experiencewellness


    Complete newby here... so I hope this isn't a really stupid question...

    I have two accounts - and I can sign in to them no problem, but would like one sign in and manage both blogs together.

    The reason: both sites are closely linked with regard to topics - many links cross over, but when i can't seem to be logged into both at the same time to copy/paste my links?

    would it be possible to have one log-in under my name then the two blogs in that log in?

    any suggestions would be good - but please keep them simple - not that techy!!

    Many thanks for taking time to read this.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Cath. If I understand correctly, both blogs were created using different usernames.

    You may try transferring domain ownership of one of the blogs from one username to the other.

  3. You can also add the user from the second account to the first account

    Dashboard >> Users >> Add user from Community - that will also let you move between blogs with one sign-in.

  4. experiencepilates

    You guys are the best!


    airodyssey - i tried that way, but didn't work; said I couldn't transfer to the blog.

    Auxclass - tried yours and it worked. linked both blogs to each other!

    thanks a bunch!


  5. I watch over some friends blogs and that is the method that I found to be the easiest and quickest to let me help them on their site.

    You be welcome & good luck

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