Two blogs: WRONG blog, right blog

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    I created my first blog here back in November ( Although it’s a quiet little blog, it has been humming along pretty well without a lot of tech problems.

    Now I have created my second blog ( So naturally I’ve been trying to do a lot of work with this blog to get it looking the way I want, adding my first post there, etc. I’m not abandoning my old one, but will probably focus more on the new one from here on out.

    The problem is this: WordPress seems to keep wanting to switch me to my older blog. For example, I’ll go into “wecando” and click on “new post.” Then wordpress will start me on a new post — but for my OLD (reunifygally) blog instead of my new (wecando) one. Even though I’m trying to navigate WITHIN my new (wecando) blog. And not TRYING to go to the old (reunifygally) blog at all. This is enormously frustrating.

    How do I make wordpress stay within the specific blog I’m working on at that moment and stop trying to switch me to the wrong blog? And making me take a convuluted path back to the correct blog?

    Another problem I have is that sometimes, when I click on something (almost anything, it seems) in the new “WeCanDo” blog, instead of just taking me to “manage wecando” or “presentation” or whatever, it takes me to a page that asks me if I want to CREATE “wecando” as a new blog. So, again, I have to start all over again in trying to return to my “wecando” blog (hitting the “return” arrow doesn’t actually return me there in this context). This, too, is enormously annoying.





    WOW! How frustrating. This definitely sounds like a backend issue that you need to bring to staff atttention



    Sigh … another duplicate post hiccup courtesy of forum software …

    I sent in a support about this double posting weirdness and other forum weirdnesses … argggghh!



    That does sound like something is messed up behind the scenes. In the meantime, until staff gets to it, try setting the new blog as your primary one. You do that on your Profile page.



    Good idea.


    Thanks to all who left advice here. The problem has not emerged again after the first day hiccups. My main annoyance is that now, instead of simply clicking “dashboard” I have to pull down the menu of blogs that I run and click on the correct blog. Sometimes it takes me several tries to point at the correct one (because if I drag the mouse down too far the pull-down menu simply disappears). But at least once I click on the blog I want, it’ll take me to where I need to go.

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