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Two column page is now One column

  1. I was using regulas, and the right column was showing on my second page fine, but on the default home page, It would show up on the bottom, and not on the right hand side. Like the Right margin was set at 3/4 of the page, therefore the 2nd column would not fit.


  2. You have HTML garbage galore within your posts. I have a feeling that you're using the rich editor and you're not closing out your tags. You're going to need to switch to the regular text editor and then take a look at your posts to see what junk is in there.

    Good luck,

  3. Thanks a lot Drmike. I was using the rich editor, but don't really know why. So I will turn it off, and try to clean stuff up today. Thanks

  4. Is there some way to edit the html stuff? I only see it for a second when i try to edit the post.

    Or will things get better as time goes by and I do not use the rich editor?

    I am looking at the bottom of this screen

    *Allowed tags: a em strong code ul ol li blockquote.
    *Put code in between backticks.

    Where can I find out what this means. I am running the blog here at and I have figured out the I am limited in what I can do. But I have figured what I and cannot do yet.

    I just keep learning here.....(good for thes stroke recovery)

  5. Got rid of bunch of extra html and the page is working all right again. Thank you very much Mike.

  6. Not a problem.

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