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Two column problem

  1. Hey,
    I use the Regulus Theme (which has normally two columns in the sidebar) and today, I wanted to add the counter widget to the sidebar. Well, it kind of worked, but after saving, there weren't two columns any more. not that that is two dramatic (in the moment), but well, it annoys me a little bit. Can someone help me with that?

  2. I'm not sure what you're seeing as I see two columns. Have you tried clearing your cache? (Control + F5)

  3. Yes I did, but still nothing happens...But well, I think I can live with it.At least other persons still see two columns ;-)

  4. I think Vivian is seeing the two columns of the theme and not the sidebar. Vivian, the Regulus Theme breaks up the sidebar into two columns half way down.

    Herra, that's the default for the Regulus theme when you're not using widgets. When you use the widgets, it overrides the design and puts everything into just one column down the side.

    I'm afraid it's an "either-or" situation in this case until it gets fixed by wither staff or the theme designer.

    Please remember that widgets are fairly new and most if not all of these themes were written and designed without widget support.

  5. Ah, allright. Thanks for the info, DrMike. Well, in this case I clearly tend to the widgets ;-)

  6. Ben does appear to be working on it though.

    Edit: Actually I see where he's gone ahead and worked in the widgets already. Not sure why he didn't keep the old design.

  7. I'm using Regulus myself. I guess it's been so long since I added widgets that I forgot that the sidebar used to split into two.

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