Two different blogs in one domain?

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    Hi there everybody.

    I’m currently working on revamping the design of my wordpress blog –
    And therefore I’m looking to add another language. Right now, I’m blogging in Danish, but I recently made a lot of american friends and for that reason I would like to be able to blog in both English and Danish. For that matter I tried creating a subdomain – – but can I only have one wordpress blog on my entire domain? Cause I can’t get it to work.

    Hope someone can help me here.




    If you assign the wordpress DNS servers control over your entire domain, then you can only have one blog. The only control option you have with regard to your domain is to also set it up for Google Apps mail, nothing else.

    If you keep your DNS record with another party (your registrar, for instance) you can set up subdomains and then put a blog on each subdomain

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