Two different blogs, same theme, different color

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    I have two blogs. What I want to do is keep both in the same theme but in different colors. The idea in a sense is to make up graphics to promote both on each blog, but have an overall uniform look.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    The only way we can make colour changes on our blogs (aside from changing fonts on each post as we go) is through css editing.



    You could use the Garland theme, which has adjustable colours. Or you could use a BBH (big blue header) theme that is otherwise colourless and change the colour on the header, keeping everything else the same.



    Excellent ideas ttts and raincoaster. I use Digg3 right now. It’s grey/green so my header is tones of grey to blue with green text to match the tabs. jerrodkc could take the grey as a base and do a grey header with another color text and then do the other blog in the other color for the header and use grey for the text of the header.

    Once you think on this path, many of the themes are customizeable in this way. I’ve seen Blix used a lot (used to use it) and it too, can look different yet the same by changing the colors up in the banners.

    Oy.. could be here all night now giving examples. Hope that helps!



    Familiar territory. I also have two blogs with different kinds of content – and

    My ‘branding’ solution is to use Cutline with different image headers for each.

    The sidebars and top menus are closely matched, and of course the typography and post formats remain the same.

    I update the image headers each time I post – it keeps things fresh that way, and someone checking in can see immediately that the site has been updated.

    It works for me.



    fantastic ideas guys. many many thanks!

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