Two Different Blogs, Two Different User Names = One Big Headache

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    Hi there:

    I am in the process of developing a new blog, different in format to my other blogs. Therefore, I need a new user name. I have tried using just my own name, more professional I thought for all the blogs, but then my user name of masterclasslady still appears in the comments section.

    I am tearing my hair out here – am I missing something here? I have already registered this new blog with WordPress, so I can’t change the login information. And when I try to invite a new user via my new email address for the new blog, the inbox doesn’t receive the email etc. It’s one nightmare after another.

    Any help you can supply will be deeply appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    Also, if I change my display name on my new blog, it is carried over to my present blogs. (sigh)


    Sorry to bump this up, but I have contacted support and have received no assistance.



    The email address we use to create a username account here become our unique identifiers at and all blogs we register when we are logged into are assigned to that email adress/username account.

    If we wish to have two blogs that are not associated with each other then we must log out of, register a second userrname account using a different email address and register the second blog under it.
    see also >

    If you created your second blog while logged-in then you can transfer the blog to the second username account by using this method.

    Also note that there are zillions of members and it does take time for them to get to all the support tickets. We must be patient when we ask for help knowing they have our support ticket in their a queque and they will get to it as soon as it comes to the top of their queque.

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