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Two different user names; two different big problem!

  1. Help! I have had a WordPress blog since April '09 that has functioned great. Thank you : ) However, yesterday, I created a new blog, but with a different user name; not realizing that I should have just added a new blog using the first user name. Now, somehow, I cannot access my account on the first blog. When I try, it takes me to my new blog!!! I am very confused as to how this happened. More over, naturally...I'm very concerned about not being able to access my first blog account at all. Is there a way to resolve this fine mess I've gotten myself into? Will deleting the second blog, then attempting to re-create it with the first user name work...or just make things worse?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. to access the account of your first blog (dashboard and so on..)you need to log in with your previous username... Do you ?

  3. It is also possible to transfer your second blog to your first account if you want. Page down to Transfer a blog to another account - then you will be back to one log-in.

  4. I log in with my first blog bypasses my first blog; taking me directly to the second blog! I also tried transferring the 2nd to the 1st...wouldn't let me.

  5. Did you logged out from the first account before log in the second one?

  6. That was the exact problem...Silly me! : ) I came back here to post that I just realized I had not logged out, etc... I was thinking I could just switch back and forth between the two blogs. Thank you all so very much for your prompt help. Many blessings! Anastasia

  7. Twice happy blogging!

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