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Two header links?

  1. Can anyone think of a way to get two links into the header. I'm already use the "home" link to take people back to the home page of the blog. But I also want to take people to the home page of our main site. Ideas on how to do that without access to the templates?

  2. It's not possible on our blogs; it would need the kind of access that we don't have. What people usually do is to put a link to their site in a text widget in Dashboard > Presentation > Widgets; if someone clicks it, then it takes them to the site. Hope that helps.

  3. . Edit: sorry, left the bold tag on.

  4. The text widget being in the sidebar, you mean, right?

  5. Yes. If you put it right at the top of your sidebar then that's the first thing people see when they look at it. You can also add some headers tags so it stands out from the other widgets in your sidebar. Something like this should do it.
    <h2 class="widgettitle"><a href="">Your Website Name</a></h2>

  6. i do wish we could get the customization of Typepad/Blogger with the functionality of WordPress. (yeah, yeah, i know. hosted WordPress.)

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