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    I am unable to set up a home page with my theme, SELA, as there is a default home page I can’t delete or edit. How would I go about deleting it? I have checked menus and I have none, I also have no pages which say home either.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello @ailisedwards,

    I tried this on a test site by selecting Sela theme and attempted to customise a new home age and delete the default one. Here is what I found, the default home page usually carries a post named ” A journey begins” which you can find in the posts. You can edit or delete the same.

    Here are a few steps to finding the default home page in this Sela theme:

    Step 1: Click on My sites and find blog posts on the left sidebar.
    Step 2: Click on blog posts and find a post named “A journey begins” which in this case is your custom link home page. (That which you are unable to find in menus or pages).
    Step 3: Click on the desired blog post and delete or edit as wished.

    Hope this helps. Please write back if you need more help.

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