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Two Home Pages

  1. I want to use the home page template (horizontal Picture) on two different pages. is there a way to do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    Which theme are you using? Generally this functionality is controlled by the Page Template, but more information can be found on your theme's information pages. (Go to Themes in your dashboard and click on the theme to see more information about ho to set it up and its features.)

  3. Dyad or Dyad 2
    I can't find anything about how to make two "homepages" essentially I want the featured image on two pages to be banner and it is only allowing me to do that on one page, with the rest having a vertical image.

  4. I took a look at your theme's info and also loaded up the Dyad 2 theme to check it out. I see where you can have a full width image on individual blog posts (instead of having it on the side), but I do not see a way to change the format of a Page. Looks like the only Page template is having the image on the left side - other than the home page.

    You may need to look for a different theme that has the features you want.

  5. @joyinco,

    I see where you can have a full width image on individual blog posts (instead of having it on the side)

    In my tests I was unable to find a way to display either the site header or a featured image horizontally across the top of a single post on either the Dyad or Dyad 2 themes. How did you accomplish that?

    Because of the way the Dyad (retired) and Dyad 2 themes are designed, the site header or a featured image may only be displayed across the top of the static front page. On other static pages the site header will not display, and featured images appear as you've said ("vertical"). There is no available option on either Dyad or Dyad 2 that would allow a featured image to display horizontally on static pages other than the front page.

  6. Neither Dyad nor Dyad 2 had available page template options.

  7. "has"

  8. Hi @musicdoc1,

    I have the Dyad 2 theme loaded. When I edit a blog, in the post settings on the left, I have "Post Format" option. If I choose the Image format, I get a large, banner like effect from my featured image for that post. (Obviously, I have to also have a featured image uploaded for the blog as well.)

  9. Ahh! Of course. I'd forgotten to try different formats. Thank you!

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