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    I have checked forums and site support topics and have not found a satisfactory answer to how to set two images on the same line, left and right.

    I first tried to left align one and right align the other (both thumbnail sized, so there was plenty of space) and what a nightmare. Text from the next paragraph pulled up between the images and the image below that text overlapped the whole construction.

    I then tried inserting line breaks ( <br />) into the HTML to force text down and that didn’t work either. Text still pulled up between the photos. (Why does the alignment command override inserted code?)

    Then I went to the support forums. I have tried left and none for alignment on both, according to various support forum posts, with no success. Either the text of the next paragraph wraps to the right of both photos (left align), which I do not want, or the images are set one above the other at the left of the post (alignment none). Still thumbnail sized on both attempts, so there was room for it to work.

    I finally gave up and formatted the photos one above the other with center alignment (GRRR) but I’d still like to know if setting photos side by side is possible with basic commands.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. It would help if we had the URL of your blog, starting with http:// in order to give you accurate advice and to know which theme you use (as it may affect how images are displayed). Thanks.



    I have only managed to do this by going to the html view and inserting a table. Not very nice or user friendly and purists say you shouldn’t use tables for layout.



    The blog is The theme is Greenery by iLemoned.



    Put them in an HTML table.



    <i>I’d still like to know if setting photos side by side is possible with basic commands. </i>

    Hi sshropshire,

    There is a trick. It’s possible to do this using “Galleries”.

    First, upload the first image you want to display. Do this the normal way by using the “Upload/Insert – Add an image” button.

    Browse the image like normal and hit the “Upload” button like normal. But, instead of “Inserting into Post” go and browse your next image and upload it as well.

    Now, you should see that the very top line of text in the uploader, which should read:

    From Computer – From URL – Gallery – Media Library

    will have a (2) next to Gallery. This is because WordPress is keeping track of the images that you have just uploaded. Click on Gallery (2)

    The default setting should be just fine. Your only decision will be to display as a “gallery” or a “slide show”. The gallery option will show all the pictures, in this case only 2. Slide show is just that, a display of all the pictures but 1 at a time.

    Viola. The two images will be displayed, side by side, center justified.

    Hope this helps.


    Here is a link to the support document on galleries.



    Also suggested reading, Not the Official Gallery FAQ

    Note that when you use a Gallery, the images that will appear will be thumbnails unless you add size=”medium” or size=”full” to the shortcode in the HTML Editor.



    Thank you all very much for your help and suggestions. I haven’t been back to check replies before now, but I’ll definitely try these out.

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