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Two issues: photos load at top of blog and captions don't appear

  1. I know you've improved the way media is added -- but to this point the improvements haven't actually improved anything. Now when I add photos to a blog post, the photos automatically load at the top of the post and I have to manually put them in the right place. Now the captions no longer appear.

    How can I implement these improvements in such a way that they actually improve adding new media? How can I add photos where I want them to be placed in the blog? And how can get the captions I add to appear as captions?

    And a third issue, which I addressed in an early request for support, is that when you create an image gallery, wordpress no longer automatically includes a photo on the landing page.

    My blog is at Thanks so much.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The problem is specific to Firefox 16 and upgrading to Firefox 17 seems to solve the problem.
    Another workaround is to insert images in Text mode, by clicking the Text tab next to the Visual Editor tab.
    Updates on this issue will be posted here:

  3. I posted a response to your first question and tagged this thread for Staff who will answer the other two questions.

  4. Thanks so much for the response. I've updated Firefox and that certainly helped.

  5. Hi Greg,

    Could you link me to one of your galleries / landing pages so I can take a look and make sure we're oriented on the same issue?


  6. Thanks for responding. Here's a 'pre-improvement' gallery:

    And here's the' post-improvement' gallery:

    I suspect I'm missing something obvious. I often do. So any help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks,


  7. Hi there,

    I see what you mean exactly. I'm not sure why the old post would retain that functionality and the new post wouldn't have it, so I asked our internal team to investigate. I'll let you know what they uncover!


  8. Currently, some themes assume there can be only one gallery per post and that every image in the gallery must be attached to the current post. This is no longer a safe assumption now that there can be multiple galleries per post that can pull images from any other post. Themes that assume a 1:1 gallery/image to post mapping need to be updated.

  9. Ryan, thanks for the information. Now I know what the problem is. But sadly, the knowledge doesn't give me a solution to the problem.

    How can I tell which themes 'assume a 1:1 gallery/image to post mapping'? And how can I know if/when Twenty Eleven will update?

    Thanks again.


  10. Oh...and let me say how very much I appreciate the quick responses. I'd really not expected this level of support, and I'm sort of amazed by it.


  11. Hi Greg,

    I'm happy we're exceeding your expectations!

    Here's what happened: if you made a gallery and uploaded the images when you made the gallery/post, then your gallery will have a thumbnail image. If you pulled them over from the media gallery, then it won't.

    You can fix this. You'll want to go to your media libary (Dashboard > Media). Toggle to "Unattached" view, and select all the checkboxes for the gallery in question. You'll see a pull-down box with "bulk actions" in it - scroll down to "attach to a post" (you won't see that option if you're not in "unattached" view!)

    Then click "apply" and you will be given a list of posts to attach them to. Select the appropriate post, and complete.

    You should then be able to see the thumbnail image as you expected to.

    This is something we're working on fixing, but in the meantime, you'll want to ensure that those gallery images get attached to posts (you can use this method, or upload them from your computer rather than uploading to the media gallery first).

    Let me know if this isn't clear or if you need further help!

  12. @zandyring and if they are already attached to a different post?

  13. It worked perfectly. You guys are the absolute best. Thanks so much.

  14. @justjennifer - do you have a link I can check?

  15. @zandyring - Only hypothetical but entirely possible with the new media handling.

    You've already answered with your reply above. Since it is now possible to select already uploaded and attached images to create a Gallery, if in addition users select the Gallery post format, according to your explanation above, then they will not get the expected front page display for the Gallery post format (thumbnail image and accompanying text).

    But beyond that there's an additional difficulty in using previously uploaded images in a Gallery if users have chosen to link their Gallery thumbnails to the image Attachment page. The Attachment page navigation is tortuous because clicking on a Gallery thumbnail brings the viewer to the Attachment page in the post where the image was originally uploaded and attached and not the current post. The only way I can see to get around this difficulty is to always and only use the Photo Carousel. I'd love to be wrong on this one.

  16. @jj - I think you're right. We were testing this just earlier today, and already have made notes to the team on that, because we agree that the way the click-in-gallery works isn't quite right.

  17. @zandyring - I'm glad the issue is being addressed. The navigation on image Attachment pages has always been "iffy" since one could use "includes/excludes" to create a Gallery. The ease of Gallery creation now only amplified it.

  18. As we make updates to specific sections (like, making galleries easier), we expose areas for improvement in other places, or (as you say) we amplify already targeted areas that haven't been addressed yet.

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