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Two Links widgete - URLs not blue in 2nd one

  1. I have two links widgets in the Primary Widget Area, and the first set of links are in blue as I would expect. The second are in black, although they are fully functional. The theme is Coraline - I've not tried any others to see if they also have a problem.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to the blog please.


    Sorry I always forget that it doesn't add it automatically when one selects the blog from the dropdown.

    Also I have found this is an IE8 issue - it's fine in Firefox, Safari 5 and Chrome.

  4. In the theme you are using, visited links will display as black text. Links that have not been visited will display as blue. If you clear your browser cache and then take another look, you will find all links are blue. Visit one and then return to your blog, and that link will be black.

  5. Ah... And I visited the links in IE to make sure they still work. Ta, matter closed.

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