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two new widgets - Vod Pod Videos and Platial Mapkit

  1. Can anyone enlighten me with regard to these 2 new widgets that we have?
    Vod Pod Videos Platial Mapkit

  2. Never heard of them. They sound like Finnish GPS systems.

  3. Check out your widgets. There I was tidying up and there they were although no announcement has been made yet.

  4. They are really easy to play with.

  5. @mark
    Oh dear me ... the FAQs blog has yet to have any instructions placed in it {hint} and I'm a chicken when it comes to playing with technology. I was looking forward to a peaceful evening spent on re-categorizing posts as there is no bulk method of dealing with them yet {hint} but I sense there may be a lot of questions on the forum regarding how to use these new "toys". :P

  6. Don't worry, I'll have another pot of coffee and then see if I can break something with them. Will report back.

  7. They don't need faq entries.

    They won't explode or eat hamsters :)
    Just try them.

  8. Great, what am I supposed to do with these hamsters then?

  9. Diddle and fiddle with them I suppose ... lol :D
    But I don't have time to play as I'm only half way through re-categorizing my blog. :( Coffee, eh. Well lucky you I can't touch it because it triggers migraines and I'm on day 5 of a cluster. Do keep us posted.

  10. Loads of fun! Thanks!

  11. /nod to andrew
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
    /applause for andy for creating it.

  12. It would seem that the widget is working great, but it seems to add too many videos (past 3 that widget supports). Is there a way to only have it bring up so many videos (in this case 3)? Example is my blog off my profile in sidebar at the very bottom of page.


  13. is not working in my blog in any browser, but my other pods (for other sites) do. Is there a problem with formatting of this widget in Binary Moon theme?



  14. I loaded the Mapkit and get this message:
    MapKit error: 0 is not a Platial map built for this blog

    So can someone please explain what it is(aside from being a widget I mean)?
    What is it supposed to do? And how does one "play with it"?


  15. Same MapKit problem here.
    The "error:0 is not a Platial map..." error is created by a bad input (like puting in the url of your map instead of your ID)
    My newly created ID doesn't work either though...

  16. Ditto on the MapKit problem. What is it supposed to be, anyway?

  17. Vodpod does look cool, though. I shall be playing with that over the next few days. I apologize in advance to those of my readers with dialup: you are about to be screwed.

  18. The Platial Mapkit is indeed fun; it shows your location and your readers can paste in their location wordlwide as well. It's connected with Google Maps, so paranoiacs should avoid it, but otherwise it's fun.

    One thing needs to be fixed, though. I'm not loving the approximately 150-pixel-wide line projecting out to the left of the Mapkit widget, right across my blog text and images, and reading:
    Imagery C 2007 TerraMetrics, Map data C 2007 TeleAtlas - Terms of Use

    No, having that lying right overtop of my blog content does not take me to my happy place.

  19. Also, it's a bit of a hog to load and slows down the blog while it's loading. Is there a way to streamline that?

  20. I don't see a line sticking out?

    (And that in one fantastic image in the current top post. Excellent stuff!)

  21. Thanks! I do see the line, all white text, using IE6 to view it, right across Barbara Hutton's face. Do you see that line anywhere?

  22. I see a line that appears to be a border (state/country)
    But extending out? No.... must be IE6? We'll need to check that out.

  23. Okay. Thanks. The line you're talking about is the US/Canada border, right where it should be more or less. The line I see lies right overtop the Google logo as well, and extends leftward; it's just text, in white sans serif font.

  24. I wonder when TT is going to get her first video up there. :)

  25. I'm not interested in videos and I will not be uploading any into my blogs. I'm interested in music without the visual tat.

  26. If you get a mapKit error with 0, it is because you put the entire address of your map in there. You just need the 5 or 6 diget number only to make it work. It parses out the address and replaces it with 0. Took me awhile to figure it out myself!


  27. ohhhh, i get it. Color me stupid. I just stuck it on the sidebar and didn't edit any settings.

    For those still confused, you need to set up an account with Platial (their link is in the widget settings), set up a map with them, and enter the 5-digit code they give you into the widget settings.

  28. Hi everyone. I'm Tracy from Platial. My email is [email redacted] and I am happy to help anyone who is having particular trouble with the MapKit widget. (Judyb12 has it right.) I'm right now working on improving the flow for people starting out from the WordPress widget gallery.

    After you drag the widget into your side bar, you have to configure it. Click on the configuration button in the right side of the widget box to open the box where the link to Platial is.

    You have to register at Platial and enter your blog url, then we'll give you the map ID, which you copy and paste into the configuration box of the widget.

    You guys are the first of the first to be trying this out, so if you hit any glitches, email me and I'll get them ironed out for you.

    More Information:
    You have to register at Platial for a couple different reasons. First, the things that are added to your MapKit via your blog all appear on, all attributed to you. that means you can delete or edit the content as you need to. Also, you have moderatorship of your map, so you need to be able to log in to Platial in order to approve content and such if you want to.

    When you go to Platial to configure your MapKit you are actually fetching two api keys that make your widget function. One for the Platial api and one for the Google Maps api. These keys are domain specific, which is why you have to put the url of your blog into the configuration.

    Platial has been around for about a year. We're based in Portland, OR. We're a small team (7 people) and we're really excited about seeing what people are going to do with our maps on their blogs. If you get a MapKit set up, email me so I can link to your blog from the Platial blog.

  29. raincoaster-- I don't see the text seeping off the side either, but I bet it's an IE6 thing. I'm logging it. If you have a screenshot, I would love to attach it to my bug report. ([email redacted])

    As for what you can do with MapKit
    * You can use it to allow your readers to leave locations and notes, like a guest book
    * If you have a blog about a particular subject you can map Places related to that subject for your readers either to use as a reference or as a reference to build with your readers (my knitting blog:
    * You can map your blog posts, if they are about places
    * You can use the map to tell something interesting about yourself: all the places you've lived, where your ancestors come from, Places you hope to go some day...

    Here are some other sites that are using MapKit

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