Two niggling issues with Sandbox theme

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    I’m working on a new blog using Sandbox 1.6.1, and I’ve run into two problems I haven’t found a solution for. The blog is

    problem #1– About 20 pixels of unwanted white space at the top of the page. (I’ve made the header div gray so you can see the white space.) How can I get rid of it?

    problem #2– a little smiley face appears at the far left under the gold bar. Now where in the world is that coming from?

    Thank you to any more experienced wordpressers who can help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Can’t help with the unwanted white space, but the smiley is the counter for the wpcom stats.

    Maybe with the CSS upgrade you can move it somewhere less obvious, though I do not know for certain.



    The white space is from your blog title margin, you could replace it with padding or remove it completely.

    #blog-title {margin:0; padding:20px;}


    As for the smilie:

    #wpstats {display:none;}



    Oh, I didn’t realize I had padding in the blog title. And thanks for the advice about the wpstats.

    Thank you all for responding so quickly.



    Actually blog-title has 0 padding.

    I think the white space might be caused by skip-link, even though I have display set to none–?



    You don’t have padding there you have top and bottom margins. The code I posted removes the margins and replaces them with padding so the text stays in the same position but the background colour extends to the top of the page. If you just want the margins gone use:

    #blog-title {margin:0;}



    I had both margin and padding set to 0 for blog-title (and everything else I could think of!).

    Then I realized all I had to do to make the header div flush top and left was position it absolutely. And that did work. Alternatively, I guess I could have moved the skip-link div.

    Thanks for the ideas and comments though. I’m new to WordPress but really appreciating this forum.

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